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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Using the Right Concession Equipment to Keep Your Pizza Fresh and Appealing

It is no surprise that pizza is a number one favorite with consumers nationwide. Millions of Americans consume pizza on a daily basis, especially when out at an event, such as a fair, carnival, sporting event, stadium, and concert. Pizza is an appealing favorite because of its mouth-watering smell and delicious eye-appeal. People have fallen in love with pizza, time and time again, because it appeals to all of the senses at once.

There are three different types of pizza concession stands: pizza merchandiser cabinet, countertop oven, and conveyor oven. Which one you choose will depend largely on the amount of space that you have in your concession stand. For example, a pizza merchandiser cabinet is much smaller than a large conveyor oven. In order to choose the right concession stand equipment, you must be familiar with the three types of pizza stands.

The Excitement of a Pizza Conveyor Oven

A pizza conveyor oven is a terrific way to grab the consumer's attention, creating a higher amount of foot traffic to your concession stand. A conveyor oven usually costs approximately $1800 dollars, and it is capable of producing over 30 nine inch pizzas in an hour, or 14 twelve inch pizzas per hour.

A pizza conveyor oven is recommended for a mid-level concession stand. The conveyor oven is an economic, versatile, and compact way to increase the amount of menu offerings at a concession stand. Also, this type of pizza concession stand usually yields the highest profits. In just eight to ten minutes, customers can enjoy a piping hot, mouth-watering pizza.

The Convenience of a Pizza Countertop Oven

The pizza countertop oven is designed to service a snack bar or a mid-sized concession stand. This type of concession equipment is designed to cook two eight inch pizzas at once, or one sixteen inch pizza. One of the major benefits of having a pizza countertop oven is the fact that it can also cook cookies, pretzels, pastries, and other precooked items.

The pizza countertop oven is more compact and versatile then a conveyor oven. A smaller pizza countertop oven, perfect for handling mid-level trafficked events, costs approximately $1200 dollars. There are several wholesale retailers that may offer a discounted price on any type of pizza concession stand equipment.

The Appeal of the Pizza Merchandiser Cabinet

A pizza merchandiser cabinet is one of the most eye-appealing and attractive ways to draw the consumer's attention to your pizza stand. A common pizza merchandiser cabinet is capable of holding a sixteen inch pizza. This type of concession stand equipment is priced around $900 dollars.

The pizza merchandiser cabinet works with a special humidity system that maintains the temperature of the product. A mid-sized merchandiser cabinet can hold up to three pizzas. A pizza merchandiser cabinet is the perfect, compact way to showcase pizza at a fair, carnival or a snack bar. Its visual appeal draws customers to the booth with its lighted displays.

These are three most popular types of pizza concession stands. Your choice depends on the amount of space and budget which constrains you. If you want to produce high volume, larger pizzas, then the conveyor oven is the perfect choice. However, all three can be great options that increase the volume of your concession stand.

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