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Friday, February 29, 2008

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What You Should Know About Your Vegetarian Lasagna Recipe

Lasagna recipes are generally known to be meaty and high in calories. Aside from these, it's also time-consuming to prepare. It has also been commonly known as a difficult and potentially time consuming recipe to prepare. These may not always be true. A vegetarian lasagna recipe simply breaks all the old concepts about lasagna.

Why You'll Love It

A typical vegetarian lasagna recipe is not only tasty, it is also very nutritious depending on the mix of ingredients that you use. This is therefore a good dish to serve if you have picky kids who may not get enough nutrients in their bodies.

There are also variations to a common vegetarian recipe. It is very convenient to prepare since some recipes can be frozen and then heated later without destroying the taste. The important thing to always remember though is who you are cooking for. Be sure of what kind of vegetarians you are preparing the meal for so that you can cut the dairy products if you need to.

How to Cut the Time

You don't need to take forever to prepare a delicious vegetarian lasagna recipe. One useful tip is to just do away with boiling the noodles by using oven ready lasagna noodles instead. You can also always have bunches of pre cut and diced vegetables in your storage bin so that all you have to do every time you prepare a vegetarian lasagna recipe is to add the pre diced vegetables and the sauce on oven ready noodles.


The truth is that there are probably hundreds of variations to a typical vegetarian lasagna recipe. The key therefore is to come up with a mix of vegetable ingredients that suites your taste. You can use only the vegetables which your family usually loves to eat. It would be a great idea to follow someone else's vegetarian lasagna recipe first and then you can attempt to make modifications to the recipe according to your taste.

Some recipe variation techniques include dicing and chopping vegetables very finely to come up with a more packed vegetarian lasagna recipe. You can also just simply experiment with the amount of ingredients that you include. You may for example increase the cheese and sauce if you love a creamy vegetarian lasagna recipe. Or you can add other non typical lasagna vegetables like the slightly bitter spinach for a different taste.

Sauce and Spices

Sometimes the key to a truly tasty vegetarian lasagna recipe is to be creative and generous with the sauce and spices. You may for example add more crushed tomatoes instead of just placing tomato sauce to improve the texture and taste. You can also add white vegetable cream sauce instead of tomato sauce to change the taste.

You can try increasing the amount of pepper, basil, rosemary or oregano that you put into your lasagna for a more flavorful and distinct taste. Expert cooks also recommend using only fresh ingredients including fresh cheese which they say makes a big difference in the taste.

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